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CSU Corporate Cards

  • CSU will provide a Visa Card facility to individual staff members who are required to purchase goods and services for their unit on behalf of the University.
  • It is intended that the card will be used to pay for goods and services with a transaction limit of up to $3,000 (excluding Travel related expenses).
  • The Visa Card is to be used for official University purchases and is not to be used for any other purpose.
  • Cardholder's are responsible to account for the expenditure and comply with University Purchasing Policies and Procedures and Taxation requirements (GST, FBT).

Please read the Purchase Card Procedures Policy

View a schedule of items to be purchased through the CSU Computer Shop

It is important that if a University Corporate Card is used that a Tax Invoice (Australian purchase)/ Invoice (Overseas payments) / Receipt must be obtained by the cardholder for each purchase to facilitate the reconciliation of the Corporate Card. It will be the responsibility of the cardholder to retain these receipts for auditing purposes. Audits will be conducted on a random basis each month. All transactions must be reconciled through ProMaster and the relevant Tax Invoices/Invoice/Receipt must be scanned to the system.

Applying for a CSU Purchase Card

Example of a Purchasing CardPLEASE NOTE:
Both forms must be completed.

  1. CSU Purchase Card Agreement
  2. Cardholder Registration Form