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University Vehicles

CSU's policy is that a University Vehicle should be used in the first instance for all CSU business.

When the booking is processed by CSU Travel and confirmed by Fleet Services, you will receive an email confirmation.

Please note that while all attempts will be made to accommodate a particular vehicle type, there is no guarantee.

Vehicle Charges

Pool & Dedicated Vehicles
Passenger vehicle under 2.0 litre38c/km$1,920 pa + 29c/km
Passenger vehicle 2.0 litre to under 2.8 litre46c/km$1,920 pa + 36c/km
Passenger vehicle 2.8 litre to under 4.0 litre55c/km$1,920 pa + 46c/km
Passenger vehicle 4.0 litre and above60c/km$1,920 pa + 49c/km
Commercial Vehicles (Ranger, Hilux, Transit, etc.)53c/km$1,920 pa + 42c/km
Up to 12 seats84c/km
Up to 30 seats$1.40/km
Above 2 tonne capacity$1.00/km
Private Hire
Vehicle up to 2.5 litre53c/km
Vehicle over 2.5 litre66c/km
Bus up to 12 seats93c/km
Bus up to 30 seats$1.54/km
Minimum charge (applies to all hires)$110
Removal of CSU logo from vehicle$30
Cleaning charge (where a vehicle is returned in an unaccepted state)$60
Toll recoveryat cost