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Office Supplies (OfficeMax)

OfficeMax has recently been appointed to supply office products to the University for the next three years.

The OfficeMax OrderMax system provides standard pricing for the whole University on "Preferred" items that are part of the University contract. Items without the "Preferred" icon are priced in accordance with the NSW Government contract C101 for office supplies.

If an item is not on our contract and you intend to purchase a quantity into the future, please contact to negotiate lower pricing.

The major change to the previous suppliers is that the user accounts are based on Organisation code and are campus based. For example, a user account code will look like this - 2CSU115A - the first four characters are OfficeMax codes, Organisation code 115 and Albury.

Only one Organisation code can be used for each order but you can have any combination of Fund and Program code. If you order for multiple campuses you will require a user account for each campus.

There is no minimum order amount, no approval required with delivery to occur in two working days. An order discount applies to orders over $100 but does not include certain quoted items or low margin items including toners, copy paper, coffee and data tapes.

When the order has been delivered, a confirmation email will be sent to the user to confirm the goods have been received.

The University will receive a monthly invoice with charges distributed to each cost centre, based on the OfficeMax orders.

Below is a product catalogue with CSU pricing for staff who do not have access to the OfficeMax system.


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