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General Information

Payroll deductions to the following organisations are available. To authorise the Payroll Section to commence a deduction you can either send an e-mail to or forward a signed memorandum to the Payroll Section, Division of Finance, Wagga Wagga.

Please include your name, staff number and any relevant reference on your authorisation. For further information and brochures, please phone the Payroll Section on 32267 or 32308.

Employees may have up to four fixed amount disbursements to banks, building societies or credit unions, and must have one disbursement record to deposit the balance of their pay. Disbursement to MasterCard, Bankcard, Visa or any other credit card is NOT possible as account numbers can have a maximum of nine numeric digits.

Trade Unions

  • Aust. Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Worker's Union
  • Australian Worker's Union
  • National Tertiary Education Union
  • NSW Teachers Federation
  • Public Service Association of NSW