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Salary Packaging (Salary Sacrifice)

Salary packaging (also known as salary sacrifice) allows you to use your CSU pre-tax pay to take advantage of a range of CSU services. By doing this, you can reduce your taxable income.

Eligibility and limits

You must be either a permanent staff member or on a fixed term contract of 12 months or greater to take advantage of salary packaging.

You can use a maximum of 50% of your pay towards salary packaging. We strongly recommend that you consult with an independent, qualified financial advisor before making the decision to salary package.

More information

How do I salary package?

Complete the applicable Salary Packaging Form and submit it to
Links to the forms are available beneath the descriptions of each of the options on this page or by visiting the forms page.

For complete details and conditions please refer to the Charles Sturt University Voluntary Salary Packaging Scheme Guidelines

CSU urges staff to seek independent, qualified financial advice.


There are a range of salary packaging options and deductions available to staff:

Child Care

Under current FBT legislation, childcare fees for children of eligible staff at the CSU Childrens' Centres in Albury and Wagga are FBT exempt as employer provided childcare (the Mitchell Childcare Centre does not qualify and is therefore excluded from the scheme). Other fees and costs (eg excursions, bond etc) cannot be salary packaged. Normal enrolment process applies. Overpayment of fees will be refunded through the payroll system as taxable earnings. Any ability to claim Childcare assistance through the Family Assistance Office or other Government Department may be affected by salary packaging childcare fees. Staff are urged seek financial advice.

Membership to Professional Associations

The cost of professional association directly related to current employment is FBT exempt as an otherwise deductible expense and can be salary packaged. Airport lounge membership is also permitted. A professional association is defined as an organisation whose sole purpose is to enhance the interests of a particular profession, trade or occupation. Trade Unions do not qualify for the scheme. Salary packaging will be by reimbursement. An FBT Expense Declaration is required.

Portable Electronic Device

The cost of a portable electronic device directly related to current employment may be eligible to be salary packaged.

Self Education Expenses (Non HECS Courses)

Fees for prescribed courses directly related to a staff members current position are FBT exempt as otherwise deductible expenses and can be salary packaged. Salary packaging is by fortnightly pre tax payroll deduction for CSU courses. Salary packaging for non CSU courses will be by reimbursement. An FBT Expense Declaration is required.


Salary packaged contributions to Superannuation are exempt from FBT under current legislation. It is important to note that salary packaged superannuation contributions are counted for superannuation contribution caps and various income tests applied by the ATO. Further information is available from the ATO website and from the CSU salary packaging guidelines

Voluntary contributions to an eligible superannuation fund can be salary packaged.

Standard member contributions to UniSuper (Defined Benefit) and State Super can be salary packaged.

Contributions made through salary packaging are considered to be employer contributions and therefore 15% contributions tax is applied on entry to the fund.

Salary packaging is by payroll deduction on completion of the Superannuation Packaging Form.

Corporate Uniforms

The cost of the CSU corporate uniform can be salary packaged. Visit the Corporate Uniform page for more information.

Financial Advice

Fees for financial advice from an ATO registered tax agent are eligible providing the invoice relates to tax advice incurred in gaining or producing an assessable income. Registered tax agents can be found via the Tax Practitioners Board website. The expense must be incurred in the current financial year.