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CSU Representatives

CSU Academic Representative Mr Mark Frost 02 6338 4455
CSU General Staff Representative Mr Simon Hall 02 6338 6169

What is the UniSuper Consultative Committee

The UniSuper Consultative Committee consists of two employer representatives and two elected staff representatives (one academic, one general) from all Australian universities.

The staff representatives are the link between UniSuper and its members, and these representatives can bring the concerns of members to the attention of the fund as required. The Consultative Committee receives periodic reports from the Board of UniSuper. It meets once a year in Melbourne and after each meeting there are workshops on UniSuper achievements and programs.

Why is it important?

There are two important reasons to ensure very good staff representation at the Consultative Committee level:

  1. No changes can be made to the UniSuper Trust Deed without the permission of the Consultative Committee.
  2. Staff representatives elect a number of UniSuper Board members out of the Consultative Committee.

The functions of the UniSuper Consultative Committee are to:

  1. advise and to make recommendations to the Trustee:
    1. on matters of difficulty in the implementation or application of the Trust Deed;
    2. on matters concerning the provisions of the Trust Deed;
    3. on any other matters on which the Trustee requires advice; and
  2. consider and if thought fit to give its consent in any matter requiring its consent in terms of the Trust Deed.