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Corporate Uniform

The University's corporate uniform is available for purchase by tenured staff and staff who are on contract for a minimum period of two years. Orders are placed periodically throughout the year to the University's supplier, Orange Clothing Company. Click on the following links for a view of the corporate uniform range:

Staff are encouraged to pay for the uniform through the salary packaging arrangement as no GST is payable and the cost of the uniform is pre-tax. The cost of laundering the uniform may still be claimed as a tax deduction.

The University has a fitting range on the Wagga Wagga campus. It is recommended staff view and try on garments prior to ordering as only faulty garments may be returned. Garments are available for viewing / fitting in Building 482, Wagga Wagga campus by appointment, or may be forwarded to you via the internal mail system - please contact Kathy Watt on ext. 32255 or email

Orange Clothing Company also welcome staff to call in to their shop located at 4 McNamara Street, Orange. They have a selection of garments and sizes from the University uniform range however they do not stock the entire collection. If you wish to visit their shop, you must contact the Company beforehand on 1300 550 567 to arrange a suitable time to visit.

How to Order

Please download and complete applicable order forms:

Your completed order form (in Excel format) and payroll deduction authority are to be emailed to

Processing of orders takes approximately 4-5 weeks. The Stores section will notify you when your order has arrived.

Order Dates

Order Dates will be advertised periodically on "What's New".


No exchanges - returns only accepted if garment is faulty and within seven (7) days of receipt of your order.

Payment Process

Payroll deductions will commence seven (7) days after the order has been received.

University Financial Contribution to Staff

The University will make an initial one-off contribution of $100 to each member of staff who purchase and wear the corporate uniform. In following years the contribution will be reduced to $50 per annum, effective from 1 January each year. The contribution is available to tenured staff or staff on a contract for a minimum period of one year and is to apply to only one order period during the year.

Taxation Information

The University's Corporate Wardrobe has been registered as "Approved Occupational Clothing". This means that you can claim the cost of purchase, alterations, repairs, dry cleaning and laundry as a tax deduction.  If your purchase is salary sacrificed it cannot be claimed, as this counts as the taxation claim.

The Australian Taxation Office have stipulated that in order to qualify for tax deductibility, the wardrobe cannot be mixed with non-wardrobe clothing items.