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Charles Sturt Purchase Cards

CSU will provide a Purchase Card to individual staff members who are required to purchase goods and services for their business unit, where the procurement cannot be done via Unimarket. The Purchase Card must not be used for purchasing goods or services from suppliers already set up in Unimarket, for which a Unimarket purchase order should be used.

It is intended that the purchase cards will be used to pay for goods and services with a transaction limit of up to $3,000 (some specific exemptions apply).

Purchase Cards are to be used for official University purchases and are not to be used for any other purpose.

Cardholders are responsible to account for their expenditure promptly, and comply with the University's Expenditure Policy and Taxation requirements (GST and FBT).

Pre-approval to procure goods and services is required for all transactions and the evidence of that approval must be included in the reconciliation of the transaction.

All Purchase Card transactions require a copy of the tax invoice / receipt to be attached to the reconciled transaction. The tax invoice / receipt must include the name of the supplier, the supplier's ABN (if appropriate), a description of the goods or services purchased, and any GST included in the transaction. EFTPOS transaction receipts are not acceptable

NOTE: If you need to use your Purchase Card overseas, either in person or on an overseas website, please contact Commonwealth Bank on 131576 (the number on the back of the card) and choose option 0 and let them know.  This will avoid your transaction being blocked by the CBA Fraud Team.

Some international transactions will attract a fee and this will appear as an additional transaction to be reconciled in ProMaster. Reconciliation of these fees should be to the same codes that the goods or service have been coded to.

Purchase Card FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS are available here

Applying for a Purchase Card

Example of a Purchasing CardBefore applying for a Purchase Card, you must read the Purchase Card Guidelines.
By signing the application form, you are agreeing to abide by these guidelines.

Purchase Card Application form

Once your form has all 3 signatures, please email it to

Queries regarding the Purchase Card Program or the application process should be directed to or internal extension 32628.