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Certificates of Currency

A Certificate of Currency is a written document that is issued by the insurer or the insurance broker that confirms that the insurance policy is current and valid as of the date and time of the certificate.

"Standard" Certificates of Currency are available for the under noted insurances and can be downloaded through the following links.

CSU is often required to provide a Certificate of Currency to parties in contracts or agreements and, generally speaking, the 'Standard' Certificate of Currency is acceptable. However if a customised Certificate of Currency is required, this can be obtained by contacting the University Insurance Officer by email at:

Likewise, Certificates of Currency for classes of insurance that are not listed above can be arranged through the University Insurance Officer.

Workplace Learning

For confirmation of the provision of insurance for students of Charles Sturt University who may be undertaking course related workplace learning with an external organisation, please download the CSU Students Workplace Learning Insurance letter for workplace learning within Australia, or download the Overseas Workplace Learning Insurance Letter for overseas placements. Furthermore, students travelling to foreign locations for workplace learning experience may not be protected by our Travel policies.

It is the student's responsibility to make appropriate insurance inquiries before commencing any workplace learning. Accordingly, it is strongly recommended that all students seek professional advice to ensure that they have adequate cover (including travel / medical) in place, cognisant of their personal circumstances, prior to any overseas travel or commencement of any workplace learning.

CSU Staff Undertaking Practicum or Other Duties Externally

For confirmation of the provision of insurance for Charles Sturt University staff who may be undertaking practicum or other duties with an external organisation, please download the Insurance Letter Staff.