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Who is Insured

The insured includes the below named affiliates of Charles Sturt University:

  • Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture
  • Australian Graduate Management Consortium
  • Bathurst Early Childhood Intervention Service Incorporated
  • Charles Sturt Campus Services Limited
  • Charles Sturt University Foundation Trust
  • Charles Sturt Services Limited
  • Mitchell Early Learning Centre Incorporated
  • Wagga Wagga Writers Writers Inc

This also includes any company, research centre, collaborative research group, collaborative research centre, institute, associated entity, facility, foundation, joint venture or controlled entity associated with, formed or owned by the University and bodies, institutions, corporations and associations, societies, committees, board etc. whether incorporated or unincorporated all as now or have been or may be hereinafter constituted for their respective rights and interests for their joint and several liabilities.

Our insurances also include members of Council or Committees, staff and students so that, in the event of a claim being made against them individually as well as against the University, they will also be covered so long as the claim arose whilst they were acting in accordance with their duties or studies. However, see also Staffs' & Students' Personal Property.

The various insurances also include other parties which may have a financial or other interest in the subject matter of the applicable insurance.

For information on specific types of insurances please refer to Types of Insurances.