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When travelling on behalf of the University, or during University time, the delegate required to approve your travel depends upon your destination.

Travel approval and expenditure delegations are in accordance with Schedule 6 - Travel Delegations of the University policy on Delegations and Authorisations. You will need to know the funding ORG (organisation) code to determine the delegated approver. You can check the delegated approver on the Expenditure Delegations page.

International Travel to a DFAT Level 4 destination involves an additional approval. To gain this approval you first need to contact Travel Guard to provide a security briefing on your destination. You should then discuss the details of this briefing with your relevant Executive Leadership Team member. The Executive Leadership Team member, will make a recommendation to the Vice Chancellor for final approval.

If you have any questions regarding the approval process for your destination please contact Charles Sturt Travel.

Travel Policy

This policy governs travel and entertainment expenses incurred during the conduct of Charles Sturt University business. It is the University's policy to reimburse employees for ordinary, necessary and reasonable travel expenses that are directly connected with or pertaining to the conduct of CSU business.

An online Travel Plan must be completed for each journey by the employee travelling and approved by their respective Dean /Executive Director /Head of School or nominee as appropriate prior to undertaking each official journey.

Employees are expected to exercise prudent business judgment regarding expenses covered by this policy. They are expected neither to gain nor lose financially when travelling on University business.

Where available, and if practical, audio or video conference facilities or other means of communication should be used, particularly when the need for face to face meetings with clients is not necessary.

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