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Private Vehicles

It is the policy of the University that a private vehicle may not normally be used where a University vehicle is available. However, where a university vehicle is not available an employee may apply for approval to use their personal vehicle for official travel.

It is a condition of any approval that the vehicle specified remains registered and covered by either comprehensive or third party property insurance during the period for which this approval is made. The University will not be responsible for any costs or losses associated with any damages regardless of how these are sustained to the vehicle during the travel specified. 

Reimbursement for travel by Private Vehicle: Reimbursement is at a set rate (currently A$0.38c per km) and may be claimed upon completion of the journey. Any claim for additional costs, eg. as a result of a car accident, will not be allowed by the University. This includes parking tickets, fines and any loss of no claim bonus, excess charge or any other penalties on an insurance policy.