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Expenses & Rates

In most circumstances, all business related travel should be paid for using your Charles Sturt travel card. For any anticipated expenses you're not sure about please contact a member of Charles Sturt Travel.


Single Day Travel

Staff members are only eligible for meal allowances on same day travel when this travel exceeds 10 hours.

The allowance is set at a maximum of $60. The amount paid should be adjusted ($15 breakfast, $15 lunch, $30 dinner) if a meal has been included as part of the travel.

Overnight Travel

Where travel includes an overnight stay, your meal allowance may be claimed by including the amount in the Online Travel Plan.

Payment can be made by EFT prior to your departure. The allowance can also be paid upon your return, where it can be adjusted if any meals were provided while travelling.

Any meals included in your accommodation rate or conference registration should not be claimed as part of your allowance.

Below are the Domestic Travel Allowance Rates for Charles Sturt staff.

Domestic Meal allowances for Charles Sturt staff
Breakfast Depart home prior to 6.30am Up to $ 25.00
Lunch Depart home prior to 12.30pm or return home after 12.30pm Up to $ 25.00 
Dinner Return home after 6.30pm Up to $ 40.00

International Meal Allowance Rates

  • The international meal allowance rates reflect the maximum allowance payable for official travel and may be varied between nil and the maximum allowance based upon the purpose of the proposed travel and/or funding.
  • Meal Allowance is calculated from time of arrival at your destination to the time of departure from your destination, and only in reference to Charles Sturt work related activities.