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Course Fee System (CFS)

The Course Fee System (CFS) is the authoritative data source for CSU’s course fees.

Login to the CFS

The CFS performs the following roles:

  1. Ensures all data presented to staff and students across the CSU web site is current, dynamic and accurate
  2. Provides a central location to store course fee related data for consumption by other university systems (such as the Online Course Brochures)
  3. Facilitates the course fee creation and review/approval process between Faculties and the Course Fees Advisory Committee (CFAC)
  4. Retains records including change history and audit information for course fee data

Access and Usage

This is an internal University system for staff who require the ability to search for or view course fees.

For example:

  • Teams in Administration or Faculty assisting future students with potential courses and applications, or assisting current students with fee information
  • Teams in the Division of Students managing program offering information in Banner Student
  • Finance teams managing fee information in Banner Finance

If you do not have access, you can request access via email.
Please include your username e.g. jsmith.