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Payroll & Leave (Web Kiosk)

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What is the Web Self Service Kiosk?

The Web Self Service is an add-on feature to the Ascender Human Resources Information System. It enables staff members to access information online regarding:

  • Payslips;
  • Leave balances;
  • Pay disbursements;
  • Personal details;
  • Emergency contacts;
  • Job related details; and
  • Internal training details

Understanding Payslips on the Web Kiosk

The details of your employment and subsequent payments are summarised and divided into sections on your payslip. webkiosk instructions 1


webkiosk instructions 2

This is a list of your current roles of employment at the University.


webkiosk instructions 3

This section lists a breakdown of payments by pay code. Any higher duty allowances will appear on a separate line with the duty code 'HDA'.
If you were not paid for the correct number of hours worked, please contact the People and Culture Office on your campus.


webkiosk instructions 4

This is a list of any active payment deductions and the relevant amounts. To make a change to your deductions, submit a payroll query or send an email to one week before payday.

Pay Disbursements

webkiosk instructions 5

This is a list of pay disbursements. Up to five bank accounts can be nominated for the disbursement of payments. Your banking details can be changed on Web Kiosk. For instructions please read the section "Changing Banking Details" on this page. If you cannot access the web kiosk and you wish to make a change to your disbursements, submit a payroll query or send an email to one week before payday. Please ensure that you include:

  • name of financial institution
  • branch (BSB) number
  • account name
  • account number
  • amount of disbursement ($ or %)


webkiosk instructions 6

This is the amount CSU is required to pay into your superannuation scheme. For full member staff, the contribution is 17% of superannuable salary. UniSuper members will see this as two amounts, 14% + 3% as a 'basic benefit' contribution. For Super Guarantee members, it is 9% of the superannuable salary.

Please also read the Superannuation FAQ.

Leave Balances

webkiosk instructions 7

This section details any leave balances available.

Changing your Address

  1. From the Kiosk main menu, click "INDIVIDUAL" on the left of the screen. Next click on "PERSONAL" and then "Personal Contact" on the following two screens.

    webkiosk instructions 9
  2. Your current address record will be listed. Click "Contact Details" to modify the record
  3. Press "Update" after you have made all of the necessary changes. You will then see a page indicating the success or failure of the operation.

Changing your Banking Details

  1. From The Kiosk main menu, click "INDIVIDUAL" on the left of the screen. Next, click on "PAYMENTS" and then "Disbursement Maintenance" on the following two screens.
    webkiosk instructions 8
  2. A list of your current disbursements will be displayed.
  3. Click "Add new record" to add an extra disbursement, or if you wish to change an existing record, click "Edit" on the same line as the disbursement you wish to change. The page will be displayed showing no information, if adding, or the current information, if changing.
  4. Add or amend the details as necessary by 5pm on Friday of the offpay week to ensure that they are processed. Please note that disbursements to Mastercard, Bankcard or Visa are unacceptable. You must have one disbursement record that does not have a 'fixed amount' in which the balance of your nett pay is to be deposited. Adding or amending your disbursement details is performed as follows:
    Pay Method Can only be 'B – Bank'.
    BSB # This must be a six digit number. To assist you to either confirm or
    find the correct BSB number, a lookup facility is available by clicking on the picture of the notepad next to the BSB# field. If you have a BSB number that cannot be found on the lookup table, please contact the Payroll Office on ext.32308 for assistance.
    Bank This field will automatically populate when the entire record is updated.
    Account # -
    Account Name This is to be the name of the person or organisation who holds the bank account, for example, the account could be in your spouse's name.
  5. To complete the form click on the "Insert" or "Update" button. You will then see a web page indicating the success or failure of your attempt.
  6. If you wish to Delete a particular disbursement record, you must first edit it, then click on the Delete button. If you are deleting a record you will be asked to confirm the deletion. You will then see a page indicating the success or failure of the operation.
  7. One, and only one of the disbursement records should have no amount. The bank account with no amount is the account into which the remainder of your pay will be placed, after any amounts in other disbursement records have been placed. This is your 'balance of pay account'.
    NOTE: You cannot use a $0 amount. This will cause a serious error.

    It is important to note that when using percentages to distribute your pay amongst various accounts, you still need a balance of account. If due to rounding, a percentage disbursement cannot be processed the amount will be deposited into your balance of account.
    It is extremely important to delete any accounts that you do not wish money to be disbursed to. This will ensure that payments are not deposited into an incorrect account.